Solutions for Manufacturing and Production

We recognize that no two customers are exactly alike. Many of our clients utilize our full-service capabilities, while others order specific al la carte programs.

Turn-Key Solutions

Cameo Guild Incorporated offers our customers one-stop turn-key solutions for offshore manufacturing. From initial consultation and estimating, processing all U.S Customs paperwork, to final delivery via truck, rail or air to your warehouse, our professional services allow your company to focus on their core competency while we focus on ours.

Partial-Sourcing Solutions

While many of Cameo Guild Incorporateds customers source turn-key solutions to their manufacturing needs, we also offer customized sourcing solutions for customer who wish to retain a portion of their domestic production. By outsourcing only the most labor-intensive, cost-prohibitive, manufacturing steps, Cameo Guild Incorporated delivers pre-assembled components to domestic sites for final assembly – thus retaining an often important country of manufacture.

A la carte Solutions

Some customers may have already established channels of communication, or manufacturing relations, offshore. For those customers, we offer our "a la carte" programs which include program consulting, piece-meal manufacturing (one small component of a larger program), or import/export services.

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