Consulting, Sourcing, and Program Management

Manufacturing offshore can be quite intimidating to a company unversed in foreign business practice.

Language barriers, drastic global time differences, even drastically different business cultures will affect program timing, and cost - the bottom line. A simple miscommunication can lead to a month-long increase in development, resulting in exceeded budgets, missed deadlines, and very unsatisfied customers.

Even if your company is familiar with the process, offshore production consumes a large portion of skilled executive management time. Most companies cannot sustain an offshore manufacturing operation with anything less than a group of full-time employees watching over the process. Add communication complications, staff overtime, and the cost of in-house off-shore management increases drastically.

Cameo Guild Incorporated removes the language barriers, global time differences, and the uncertainty and risks associated with doing business in a foreign country. With decades of experience, we embrace all aspects of program management and communication - freeing your staff from micromanaging these programs.

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