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CGS Expands In-House Molding and Cold-Cast Facility

Camarillo, CA - Cameo Guild Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of our in-house Molding and Cold-Cast facility with the addition of a larger pressure chamber.  Customers may now bring us oversized prototypes and models for duplication

Our on-site craftsmen utilize aerospace-grade silicone molds, capable of capturing minute detail while retaining dimensional stability, to mold product.  The silicone molds are cured before being cut open, and the master removed.  Low-shrinkage urethane, polyester or epoxy resin is poured into the mold cavity and chemically cured under extreme pressure.  Duplicate parts are available in hours.

Used for paint samples, photography samples, archive or production masters, an expanded Molding and Casting operation is a welcome improvement to our capabilities.